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How To Consign With Us

Selling your tools and equipment with The Tool Shop is faster and simpler than you ever thought possible.

Bring your items into the store and our experts will price them based on their original value, condition and market demand.  The Tool Shop can not guarantee a specific dollar amount.  If you need a specific dollar amount, we suggest you try Craigslist.

CONSIGNMENT PERIORD:  We sell many tools within days of being on the sales floor or on our web site.  Most items sell within 60 days.  Some, unique or speciality tools, take longer.  As of today we do not have a specific time the item(s) remains on consignment.  However, The Tool Shop requestes that you leave the items in the store for a minimum of 90 days.

OWNERSHIP: When you leave your item(s) with The Tool Shop you are NOT giving up ownership of that item(s).  The item(s) remain yours until sold or you pick them up.  Because The Tool Shop does not own the item(s) they can not be insured by us and are covered under your homeowners policy.  We will take exceptional care of your consigned items.  However, merchandise is the consignor's property and not the property of The Tool Shop until sold.  Please make sure your items are covered under your home owners/renters insurance.  The Tool Shop holds no responsibilty for loss or damage to items by fire, theft, accident or any cause.

PRICING: The Tool Shop will work with you (the owner) to arrive at a favaorable price for each item consigned.  Our prices are based upon original price, condition and market demand as well as our experience.  We will not place items on the floor or on the website without confimation from YOU that the price is acceptable.  If you and The Tool Shop can not reach an agreement on price, it is YOUR responsibility to pickup your item(s).  Items left for more than 3 days will be charged a storage fee.  Items left for more than 2 weeks may be forfited at the discretion of The Tool Shop.  Please do not just leave your items with us and force us to assume possion.  We simply do not have storage space.

CONTRACT and SPLIT: If you have any questions, please talk to The Tool Shop represenitive.

  • You will receive 50% of the final selling price for anything sold upto $200.
  • You will receive 60% of the final selling price for anything sold over $200.
  • For high values items or larger quantities, talk with us about percentage splits.
  • You must leave you items in the store for a minimum of 90 days.  If you choose to remove your items prior to 90 days you may have to pay any cleaning and/or repair fees.
  • At the end of 90 days you have the option to continue the consignment (we have no limit as of today), pickup your item(s), or allow us to dispose of your item(s).

PAYMENT: We payout your percentage of sold consigned items on the 20th of every month.  Items must be sold prior to the 17th of the month to be included in a payout.  This delay permits time for individuals to return items if need be.  We write checks for payouts in excess of $25, and pay cash for anyting under $25.  You may choose to have your check mailed to you for a $1 per check fee.  Additionally, you may choose to use STORE CREDIT instead of a payout.  Please let the representitive know of our intentions when setting up your account.

LOST CHECKS:  It is costly for us to reprint checks and maintain our accounting for misplaced or lost payout checks.  In addition, checks are vaild for 90 days.  We can not guarantee a bank will cash an older check if you fail to cash it in a timely manor.  The Tool Shop will charge a $25 fee to reprint a check if that becomes necessary.  We will not reprint a check if it is less than 90 days old.